Who we are

The FARMÀCIA CIRERA PUIG has more than a century of history. Our pharmacy was founded in 1920, so few families dedicated to community pharmacy can boast of having such a long tradition and experience.

The history of our pharmacy begins with Miquel Puig i Pons, born in Llucmajor, who studied at the University of Barcelona. After graduating, he returned to Mallorca and in 1917 became a member of the Col.legi d’Apotecaris de les Illes Balears (COFIB) and worked as a pharmacist in Pollença, from 1918 to 1920.

It is during the year 1920 when he opened the pharmacy located at Calle Sant Pere nº1. The first official information that we have on the pharmacy was obtained from the census register of the year 1941, which included the services offered by the pharmacy, and the accumulated professional years, as well as other data of little relevance. We know that the pharmacy was moved to Calle Font num. 18 after 1941, but we the exact date is unclear.

Miquel Puig i Pons died in November 1964 and from that moment the family decided to retain ownership of the pharmacy, and another pharmacist from Llucmajor, Mr. Gamundí, decided to ran it until 1978, when his grandchildren, Miquel Puig i Pons, Miquel Cirera i Puig, inherited the Pharmacy from their grandmother. Antònia Salva Miquel, also a graduate in optics, opened the first optician service in Llucmajor inside the pharmacy.

The Pharmacy was moved again in 1988, when the owner, Miquel Cirera i Puig, decided to locate it at Calle Antoni Maura num. 20, in front of the Migjorn PAC, where it is placed today.

The third generation of pharmacists came from the hand of Miquel Cirera i Puig’s son, Joan Cirera i Planas. After studying pharmacy at the Universitat de Barcelona, specializing in phytotherapy and carrying out different academic stays related to research at different universities, the Universitat de Barcelona, the Université Livre de Bruxelles and the Universidade de Lisboa, Joan decided to return to Mallorca in 2010 and continue the family tradition at his father’s side.

Farmacia Cirera