Customer loyalty program

Our customer loyalty program offers great benefits. Your purchases accumulate discounts, allowing you to save on each visit. In addition, it includes free essential services such as glucose measurement, blood pressure and pharmaceutical care. You won’t need a physical card, as loyalty is a global concept that focuses on providing excellent customer service. Any member of your family can benefit and take advantage of it. We also congratulate you on your birthday, giving you a special gift and a discount for the entire week of your anniversary.

Regarding the most important stages of life, we offer a personalized support service during pregnancy, lactation, and early childhood. Moreover, when celebrating the birth of your baby, we give you a special gift and a discount during the week of the event. We are committed to providing you with advice and support at key moments, so that you can enjoy a unique and rewarding experience with your family. Our loyalty program is designed to enrich your life and make every interaction with us even more special.

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